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2019 – Club Championship Rules

In 2019 North Shore Kart Club (NSKC) will be running eight (8) Club Championship Rounds. Classes can be combined depending on the number of entries for each class, we will run a maximum of seven (7) groups at each club round.

Club Championship Rules

•You must be a current financial NSKC member throughout the 2019 Club Championship. Points will only be accrued from the date of receipt of your fully paid club membership.

•Club Championship points are automatically calculated by the Club’s race management software and CMS results.

•To qualify for the Club Championship you must have competed in a minimum of four (4) rounds out of the eight (8) on offer in 2019.

•To qualify for the Club Championship each driver and/or parent, friend or guardian must dedicate one (1) full day in assisting NSKC with the running of race meeting. This must be done before the final checkered flag on the last race of Round 8 (Refer to roles under the Bonus Point Systems)

•To qualify for the Club Championship in the Masters classes you must be over 40 years of age.

Championship Points

•Where a class is cancelled for any particular reason, the total number of Club Championship rounds only for that cancelled class will be decreased by one (1) – i.e. 6 out of 7 rounds instead of 7 out of the 8, towards that classes Club Championship.

•It is the responsibility of the competitor to check and advise the Club Secretary or Club President in writing if points have not been allocated correctly by no later than the day before the next Club Championship round. Points will NOT be adjusted outside this timeline.

•One (1) only round will be dropped automatically, even if you did not race it, at the end of the Club Championship, this will be considered your worst round.

•Final points at season’s end declare Club Champions and runners up. Any appeals to this decision need to be made within one (1) week of Round 8.

•Classes forming the 2019 Club Championship are as follows:

– Cadet 9
– Cadet 12
– KA4 Light & Heavy
– Junior Max

-KA3 Junior
– KA3 Light & Heavy
– Sportsman Tag Restricted Masters Light & Heavy
– Tag Restricted Light
– Tag Restricted Heavy
– Tag 125 Light
– Tag 125 Heavy

Bonus Points System

NSKC will operate a bonus points system for the Club Championship. This system is to encourage members to provide NSKC with assistance with the running of race meetings throughout 2019.

The following roles for which bonus points can be awarded are as follows:

•Weight Marshall – 1 to 2 required per race meeting

•Grid Marshall – 1 or 2 required per race meeting

•Flag Marshall – 1 or 2 required to run lights per race meeting

•Lap Scoring – minimum of 3 required per race meeting

•Data Entry – 1 required for race meeting

•Clerk of Course (must be KA accredited) – 1 required per race meeting

•Assistant Clerk of Course (must be KA accredited) – 3 required per race meeting

•Stewards (must be KA accredited) – minimum of 3 to 4 required per race meeting

•Canteen (full & half days available) – minimum of 4 to 5 required per race meeting

•Working Bee’s

There is a total 30 bonus points on offer per class for 2019 Club Championship, as stated below:

Bonus Points System is as follows:

First Day = Qualify for Club Championship
Second Day = 20 Bonus points awarded
Third Day = 10 Bonus points awarded

Maximum Bonus points on offer for 2019 Club Championship, is a total of 30 points.

Please Note: Once the above roles have been filled, there are no further opportunities to accept any additional volunteers. Roles are filled on a first come, first served basis. Anyone wanting to provide assistance must notify the Club Secretary or Club President via e-mail AT LEAST one week prior to the race meeting.

NSKC committee can only earn bonus points for their immediate families. NSKC committee bonus points are NOT and CANNOT be transferrable to other club members and/or none family members.

Points are awarded on a class by class basis, thus meaning points earned, CANNOT be transferred to either another person OR another class. Once points have started to be accumulated for a nominated class, points will continue to be awarded until the maximum 30 bonus points have been received.