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2018 Club Championship Presentation

The North Shore Kart Club 2018 Championship Presentation was held today at Sydney Motorsport Park in the Hinxman Room. We had a DJ for entertainment, plenty of nibbles and drinks flowing. The trophy presentation got under way and all our Champions were crowned and congratulations to you all, a full list is below with the Champions picture below also. A big thanks you to the committee and everyone that helped organising our race meetings. Pictures if the day have been supplied by Pams Pix and can be viewed in the gallery Page on the Club Championship tab above or using the link below.

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A big thanks again to all that raced at North Shore Kart Club throughout the year, Marshalls, Officials, Helpers, Mum’s & Dad’s, Family & Friends that helped out and got us through the year. We look forward to racing 2019!

The Club Champions for 2018 are:

The Club Champions for 2018 are:

Cadet 9 – Roberto Mastronardo

Cadet 12 – Alex Ninovic

KA4 Jnr Light – Dimitri Garagounis

KA4 Jnr Heavy – Hunter Sydenham

KA3 Junior – George Mawad

KA3 Senior – Jordan Giannopoulos

TaG 125 Light – Salvatore Scarpignato

TaG 125 Heavy – Mathew Long

TaG Restricted Light – Andrew Shah

TaG Restricted Medium – Gene King

TaG Restricted Masters Light – Stewart Walker

TaG Restricted Masters Medium – Niven Riches