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NSKC 2020 Canteen Roster & Helpers

Our first round of 2020 begins this Sunday 23rd February. In order to
make every round a success the Club needs your help. We are in need of
volunteers to help manage the canteen every round. This year we have
lost our 2 main helpers – Angie & Connie. So what we have done is
emailed everyone, giving you all the dates of the rounds and hoping
you can fill the form attached and email it back to ASAP
This way we will know ahead who is able to help.
We do not want to get to the stage that the canteen cannot open due to
lack of help or having to make announcements on the day. By completing
the form below, you will know ahead when you are helping out.

Thank you for any previous help that you have done for the club. It is
much appreciated.

And remember you can qualify for the 2020 North Shore Kart Club Championship and get bonus points for helping at race meetings.

NSKC canteen Volunteer Form